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Being a kid is a lot of work.

You have brothers or sisters, parents asking you to do things, teachers and homework and friends and sports and it can feel like a lot! 


I know it's hard to be a kid sometimes so I made these videos to teach you about something called mindfulness. 


Mindfulness is a special way of paying attention to what is going on inside of you and outside of you.


You can learn mindfulness by just practicing a few minutes each day.

Breathing Chart

Breathing Chart

Did you know that practicing deep breaths every day can help you feel calm inside. 


Emotions can feel very big when you're little and breathing can help us know what to do with them. 


Print out a breathing chart and practice breathing 1x day. 


Agree with your grown-up about a good prize for filling up your chart.

Download the Chart
December Breathing Chart (5 x 5 in).png


Sometimes the easiest way to learn something is by practicing.  Follow along in this short videos to learn fun ways to practice mindfulness!

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