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The Stress Nanny Podcast

Because every village needs a stress nanny! 


The Stress Nanny Podcast is here to help you stress less!

Season 1

Episode 1 Welcome to the Stress Nanny Podcast

Episode 2 Helping Children Complete the Anxiety Cycle with Dr. Patty Hlava

Episode 3 Managing the Stress of Sports with Bonnie Holley

Episode 4 La Bufadora & Breathing

Episode 5 The Wonders of Yoga Especially for Kids with Amy Sonnenburg

Episode 6 "Surprising" Ways Massage can Lower Stress with Alex Duchscher

Episode 7 Take the Stress Out of Meal Planning with Dr. P.

Episode 8 Creating an Interior with Flow with Crystal Mickelsen

Episode 9 Peach Tress & Pruning

Episode 10 Supporting Sensitive Children with Jen Harrison

Episode 11 Creating Developmentally Appropriate Expectations for Children with Maria Flores.

Episode 12 You are a Gardener with Shanna Truffini

Episode 13 Feel the Love

Episode 14 Stress Less with Seasonal Living with Lorrie Schoettler

Episode 15 Live Your Values with Carman Murray

Episode 16 Making Space

Episode 17 Four Myths of Self-Care with Jessica Miller

Episode 18 How Kids Communicate with Kristen Ipson

Episode 19 Tips for Navigating Uncertainty from a High School Senior

Episode 20 Weathering the Storm

Season 2

Episode 21 Mending Broken Things with Dani Bradshaw

Episode 22 Building A Strong Immune System

Episode 23 Thinning your Commitments

Episode 24 Recognizing Overwhelm

Episode 25 Accessing Presence Through the Enneagram with Valerie Tih

Episode 26 Focus on what you can control

Episode 27 7 Reasons Mindfulness is Essential Right Now

Episode 28 Owning your Strengths

Episode 29  Stress Less About Your Weaknesses

Episode 30  Crazy & Calm

Episode 31 The Art of Relaxation

Episode 32 Bridging Troubled Waters

Episode 33 Channel Your Inner Oyster

Episode 34 Beach Balls, Splatter Paint & Funnels

Episode 35 Enjoy the Ride

Episode 36 Ask the Stress Nanny

Episode 37 Harvest Growth

Episode 38 Lower Your Expectations

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