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Care for your mind & body intentionally.

Join my flexible online group course with weekly videos, coaching calls, a private Facebook Group and brief individual coaching sessions.

I'll teach you 10 simple and effective self-care strategies to help you stress less emotionally and physically.  Over the course of our work we'll navigate resistance and tune into your self-sabotage patterns.  As you work through those things you'll begin to take better care of yourself and feel more alive.  

When we struggle with our health or we don’t care for ourselves we spend a lot of time being tired, cranky and hurting.  We want to be nicer to our families and friends and we want to do better at work but we’re exhausted and that makes it really hard to do anything well.  With these simple habits you’ll being to nurture yourself and realize that you’re much more available for the important people in your life when you’re well-cared for.

This course is for you if you’re looking for simple sustainable health solutions taught in a flexible format that you can implement easily in your daily life.  We’ll spend a year together implementing, automating and refining 10 simple habits from Yoga and Ayurveda and by the end of the year you’ll hardly recognize yourself.

Claim your spot in our course that begins in March.  Space is limited.  Let’s have a conversation and see if this is a good fit for you! Click here to schedule a free conversation.

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