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33 weeks

Maybe some people are good at taking progressive pictures of their pregnancies. I guess I’m not one of them since I tend to do it at 6-7 week intervals. 🙂 Here I am today…

This week there’s been a flurry of nesting activity going on around here. Painting, furniture shopping, decorating and organizing have been keeping me busy. I’ve had so much help from my friends so the work has been fun and fast. I’m waiting on a few finishing touches and then I’ll post pictures. It’s been great to get things done that I’ve wanted to do for years. My sister Allison had her sweet little girl on Tuesday and I think that helped me to get in gear and realize that it’d be a good idea to be ready. I’m also trying to be realistic about what I’ll be able to accomplish once the baby gets here so I’m happy to cross a few things off my project slate.

As a sidenote, I recently downloaded the few pictures I had from my sister Lisa’s visit to Texas. We had such a fun week at Kristin’s. How could we not with these adorable children:

Andrew was watching Cars while the girls were watching a Barbie movie. When his buddy “Ware-Wa” realized he was doing something different she climbed up next to him and watched the whole movie sitting right beside him. I sure hope my kids are this cute (Ritchie assures me that they will be as they possess his genes and he has always been cute).

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