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A Clean Slate

Something I read yesterday really struck me. I’ve been checking out all kinds of IVF books from the library and one of the books suggested that each treatment should be looked at as the very beginning of your journey because you have more information so effectively you are starting from scratch. So instead of bringing all the failure with me, I just focus on the current chance and hope for the best. This proved a refreshing thought so I got to thinking about it in other contexts. I realized that this little clean slate theory is applicable to life in general. If I could really get over the fact that even though I may have royally screwed up one day (whether it be a decision, a conversation, dinner) I have the potential to be great every day. I will obviously bring my life experience with me but I could stand to leave my prejudices and failures behind. Sometimes I forget that important part of my daily prayers…to drop the baggage and start with a fresh perspective. So tomorrow I’m going to try it…a clean slate for everything. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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