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An Old Kids Dance

Jess has taken to doing some nudie dancing after bathing.  I usually lay her on our bed to dry her off and get her dressed but lately she’s been scampering up and jumping around on the bed in front of the dresser mirror.  It’s usually pretty funny but Ritchie and I were in stitches this morning.  He got her panties on and then she squirmed up and started prancing around and flailing her arms and singing “Shake it Shake it Shake it!”  So there she was in all her glory, wet hair stuck to her head, papa murphy’s pizza chef tattoo just above her belly button (thanks Cousin Kara) when I came in and she explained to me that this was “Dus an Old Kids Dance…Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!”  Where does she come up with this stuff?  She just kept dancing around telling us, in all seriousness, about this Old Kids Dance.  We finally got her pretty Easter dress on her and she said it was a ballerina dress (pink satin, empire waist, lots of big fluffy toole) and she kept right on dancing.  The only downside to the morning was when I wanted to do her hair and she decided she didn’t like the dress (that she had picked out) and needed to change. That girl.  I love her.  Happy Easter!

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