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"As long as you don’t go in the water…"

Many of you know that darling hubby and I will be making our first foray into the world of assisted reproductive technology this summer. Last week we jumped our final In Vitro hurdle after waiting 8 weeks for blood test results (contrary to Alli’s opinion, RJ’s genetics ARE perfectly normal :)). As I called our dr’s office to discuss the timing of the 7 week cycle, I realized that we would probably be waiting until the end of July. Just when I’d given up hope in doing it sooner, the fertility coach (no joke-that’s her title) said “Wait, what about the end of May, first part of June?” We went through the schedule again, realizing that it would indeed work so I said, “Great, so I’ll be ok to go to Lake Powell the end of June, first part of July right?” Very seriously she answered “Well yeah, as long as you don’t go in the water.” Incredulously, I said “Oh, well, we’ll be on a houseboat” (as in, the kind that floats, docks and stays in the water for 7 days). She mistakenly took this as my assent that I would indeed be spending the entire week on the houseboat, no jet ski, no floating, no skiing, no bathing, no watermelon football, etc. Obviously she’s never been to Lake Powell. However, it did warm my heart when Dad said he was willing to cancel his beloved houseboat vacation so we could do IVF sooner and not miss out. But as we all know, RJ would sooner leave me home giving myself shots than cancel this trip so the end of July it is. In all seriousness, we are excited about this IVF adventure and we feel like the the timing is just right.

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