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At Long Last

I have finished all the window treatments for which I have been collecting material. At this point I must interject a special credit to Mom whose sewing ideas and expertise were crucial to this endeavor. Though I look with pride on the living room drapes that we designed ourselves, I also feel a sense of awe that she was willing to review that plan with me so many times in the course of the 6 months that I was executing it. She also helped me implement the other two designs which we originally found in a book and subsequently customized. I don’t know how many hours these curtains have consumed (There were at least 3 hours of seam-ripping involved) but I feel a great sense of satisfaction at all that I have learned through the course of this long project.

Living Room These are my favorites because I had such a fun time choosing the complementary fabrics. I still have a few more pieces for accents and a chair cover. (Thank you Allison for helping me find the tassels…a real bargain)

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