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Beginning to Build VI: Connecting learning through time

Some of us are inhabiting or adding on to structures that have been built on Christ for ages.  Some of us are remodeling or starting with a small foundation.  Others of us are feeling brave and just drawing up plans as we tentatively venture out to the Rock for the first time.  In the chain of stories I just mentioned, each individual’s experience with God offered at least one principle or piece of understanding that was then available to future inhabitants of that house of faith.  The lessons and experiences were documented and passed on.  When viewed with a bit of distance, the mistakes just become places where intense and oftentimes beautiful learning happened.

I love the idea that we are connected to our families through generations of learning.  My own life and testimony are a small, but integral, link in a chain through time.  I am very aware that the faith I inherited did not come to me without effort.  I believe the knowledge of the Savior that I have and the principles that bring me joyfully to Him constitute a gift that was painstakingly pieced together and very diligently offered by those who came before me.  Because change and improvement often come slowly, I recognize that this gift of faith was compiled by generations of dear people and I am striving mightily to become better and give my daughter an improved version of that same goodness in her life.   That’s the idea right?  Some days my efforts don’t amount to much and sometimes the work seems so strenuous that I wonder if what we have is enough but in the end, I (usually :)) keep trying to move us forward.  Ultimately, I believe all those who came before me and worked on the foundation for my faith, stand to benefit from where we all end up because they are part of the reason we made it there.

I recognize that we come from varying backgrounds and some of us are trying to build from musty or abandoned houses of faith.   For people in these situations, how is this building going for you?  How does this thought sit with you?  I imagine you’re laboring under different burdens and sweating in the hot sun as you work, with the hope of weaving strength, forgiveness and understanding into the walls of your improved dwellings.  I’m interested in your perspective too.


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