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Belly Touchers

So…I’m not sure if I am wearing a particularly inviting shirt or what but five people have touched my stomach today. I was at a wedding this morning and some sweet, excited friends just couldn’t help themselves. I’m used to people I know touching my tummy, sometimes they ask, sometimes they don’t but it’s never really awkward because I just know they’re excited for us. However, this afternoon I was walking up to the post office and this complete stranger cried out “Oh, you’re expecting!” (as though we’re long lost friends) and went out of her way to come over and say “I always have to touch the babies. Congratulations!” Now I know for a fact that I was not the only one taken aback by this because the people coming out of the post office shot some strange glances in my direction. Will this be happening for the next 5 weeks? Are there really people out there who think it’s kosher to just go around rubbing random people’s stomachs??

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