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I’ve been hearing this word a lot lately and it’s only been over the last few days that I’ve figured out what it meant. Any guesses? I’ll give you a few hints…

I hear it after I… offer to help her put on her tutu offer to help her down the stairs offer to get her ____________ (pretty much anything) offer to cut slices of apple open her car door…

Got it yet? I’ll give you one more… Today she was walking along the top of the backyard planter and I said “Do you want to hold Mommy’s hand?” She said “Deshie” and held her own hand (opera style) as she walked along.

Somewhere between this week and last, she’s started referring to herself as Jessie (“Deshie”) and she’s started doing it ALOT. It’s interesting because I don’t call her Jessie very often, but that’s the name she uses. Perhaps she’s trying to tell me that she would prefer it over the nicknames I usually use for her…Baby One, Bunny Girl, & J. I guess it could also be the easiest way for her to say her full name and she’s been hearing that quite a bit lately with all of her antics (trying to put her pee-pee diaper in the toilet or trying to plug an earphone cord into a usb outlet). At any rate, it’s fun to hear her refer to herself in third person. She used to say “mine” all the time in reference to things that were physically hers and mostly in reference to something she wanted to do for herself. Now, we just hear “Deshie.”

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