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Four Fabulous Months

So sweet cheeks here turned four months old last week. She is so fun to be around. She’s become more animated and it’s fun to see the things she gets excited about. She’s started grasping things, a few of her favorite things to hold and taste are her tag blanket, finger puppets and her little knit blanket. She likes to hear songs, her favorite one is “Five Days Old” by the Laurie Berkner Band. She also likes “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam.” She enjoys playing peek-a-boo and sometimes pat-a-cake. She really likes her “Let’s Count” finger puppet book (for the puppets) and her “My Sparkling Nursery Rhymes” book for the sparkly pages. She holds her head up just fine now and she’s always moving her arms and legs (and when they’re all stretched out she measures 25 1/2 inches). She routinely grins up at me while she’s nursing and she’s just about always got a smile for her mommy or daddy. In public places she prefers to stay with me rather than be held by other people although friends can sometimes get her to smile and coo. When people see her they usually comment on how cute and content she looks in her sling, how chunky she is (17 lbs) or how great her cheeks are and then I usually give those cheeks a big smooch. In fact, I kiss those lovable cheeks all day long. Her voice is really high-pitched and if you’re not used to it you might think she’s crying or screaming when she’s really just talking. She always gets loud and screechy when she’s tired. She loves being in her sling and she always gets a big grin on her face when she sees me getting it out.

When I prop her up on my lap to prepare to nurse her she’ll do crunches and laugh and smile and if I take too long she’ll let me know. I love seeing her anticipate activities. It’s a joy to see her sleeping peacefully, to hear her contented little sleeping sighs and to be near when she wakes up with happy cooing and big smiles. When she wakes up from naps or when she’s bored with what she’s doing, she’ll cry out and wait to see if we’ve heard her. If she hears us coming she usually stops and then grins big when she sees us. Last week I took her to get her picture taken and I could not get a smile out of her. I was sure she was going to smile big this month (compared to her small grins in her 2 mo pictures) but I guess she’s holding out for 6 months. I’m glad there are plenty of smiley pictures we’ve taken. It’s been so fun to interact with her more and see her play with her toys, sing songs with her and read books to her. It’s great to see what a 4 month old does, we love this girl!

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