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Handy Helper

*I’ve been trying to post this for a week but blogger will not upload my videos/pictures. I can’t figure out why so I’m just posting the text.

There are so many things I could write about today…here are just a few tidbits from our week:

Ever since our trip to Utah where she helped her Auntie Lis unload the dishwasher, Jessica has been ready and willing to help anytime ours is open. It doesn’t matter if the dishes are dirty or clean, she’ll take them out and hand them to me. We’ve worked out a pretty good system and she’s happy for the chance to unload the dishwasher each morning.

She also started helping me sweep. I usually sweep after each meal and I begin by getting out the broom and dustpan and small brush. On

Friday, after helping me sweep all week, she decided that it was time to sweep after we unloaded the dishwasher so she went and got the broom and dustpan (which she was more than happy to carry simultaneously despite the fact that it made her pretty off-balance. This girl cracks me up with how many things she tries to hold onto while she’s walking, pulling herself up, eating. Her hands are frequently full such that she’ll reluctantly drop something in her efforts to carry along every toy, utensil, thing, she can get her hands on). So she started sweeping on Friday and it was up to me to join her. It made me laugh.

Since she’s been so excited about household chores I decided to try her out on the laundry. She amazes me with how quickly she picks up on things. I haven’t given her enough credit for all the attention she’s been paying me all these months. She knows what goes on in this house. She can help put laundry in, take it out and switch it from the washer to the dryer. She’s pretty proud of herself for doing all of these things and most of the time she gets annoyed if I try to help her. Her attention span is kinda short and sometimes she decides that the clothes from the dryer need to go back in the washer but all in all she’s actually helpful. Who knew? It’s nice to be able to include her in chores instead of worrying about her falling down the stairs while I get the laundry sorted.

She’s also started trying to wipe up her place at the table. I usually wipe her hands and then use the cloth to wipe the area around her tray/seat. This week she took the cloth from me (thank goodness it was a fresh one because the first thing she did was suck on it) and started wiping her place at the table. I guess after seeing her do all of the other things, I shouldn’t be surprised but it still made me grin. I’m glad she thinks my job is so cool-because it is. I wonder how long this will last?

We’ve been lucky to have Ritchie home quite a bit these days and we’ve been going on walks in the evening. To let us know she’s ready to go for a walk, she’ll push the stroller around and the other day she even brought me my shoes (don’t dogs do that??) Anyway, it makes us laugh. She’ll go to the door and point, or make the sign for hat (because she usually wears a hat when we’re outside). We love this little girl and it’s so fun to see all the stuff she comes up with.

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