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I might be a democrat…

and other things you may not know. I have seriously curtailed my meat intake over the past 9 months. I am still nursing Jessica. I’ve lost 11 lbs in the last 60 days. My ankle is finally back to (almost) normal.

“Piece a Mommy, piece a daddy, piece a Dessie, all sare suhdedah” (all share together) the heart-shaped Mother’s Day cookie and note she made for me in nursery.

This morning as I was running in the garage, Jess peeked her head through the partially opened back door to tell me “I haf a pobum” Me: (Hopping off the treadmill). Oh no! What is your problem? Jess: “I nee heylp.” Me: Ok, what can I help you with? Jess: “I no know you are. It sopp, I yike “Mom” an I no know you are. Nee sart ova. (Translation: I didn’t know where you were. The tv show I was watching, Super Why, stopped and I was like “Mom” and I didn’t know where you were and I need you to start it over). Me: Oh, I’m sorry. I will help you. Jess: “K Mom, faoh me, faoh me.” (Follow me, follow me) as she takes my hand to lead me into the living room. She says “H’mon, faoh me” a lot :).

No pants but she’s got pearls.

She also keeps telling me “I yoose a toof” (I loose a tooth) She has seen Aubby with her missing teeth, she saw Shark (on Word World) lose teeth, and her friend Riley just lost a tooth too.

Usually they just get “icewa-uh packs” but this day they also got “appa juice”

With a scrunched up, loving, sad face: “Oh, poor yitta one, Mommy, dis yitta one a sad, nee icewah-uh pack and wach worworld. Poor yitta one. Don worry yitta one, Dessie heyp you, Dessie snugga you.” She’s been saying that first part for months and it’s one of my favorite things she says. Translation: Oh, poor little one. Mommy, this little one is said and needs to watch Word World with an ice water pack (ice pack). Poor little one. Don’t worry little one, Jessie will help you, Jessie will snuggle you. She then asks me to open the “cold fidge” or “big fidge” so she can select the appropriate ice water pack (we have teething ones, owie ones, adult ones, etc.) for the little one who needs her attention. She’s so compassionate and she doesn’t discriminate. She helps beans, “rockos” (rocks), wacky doll, whoa whoa, me, Ritchie, acorns, little people, wooden blocks and many other things. It’s cute to watch because she’s so tender and she knows just where the icewa-uh pack needs to go (if I help, I usually put it in the wrong place). She ministers to someone in this way at least once a day. I think it stems from all of these reasons: She likes to snuggle and watch Word World (with an ice water pack when she’s hurt or doesn’t feel good). She loves any excuse to watch Word World. She watched her mother prop her ankle with an ice pack for the better part of a month. She’s a sweet girl. Oh how I love this baby one.

“Mommy, I haf i-free-comb peas?”

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