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"I ratha watch Wor-world"

Like most parents, Ritchie and I have put a lot of emphasis on Jessica’s communication skills since she was very small. Now that she’s getting quite a little vocabulary, it’s exciting to hear her articulate things that she’s thinking or that she’d like to do. However, she’s almost two so we get quite a few tantrums mixed in too. We’ve been trying to help her “use words” to describe why she’s upset. Is she sad? Frustrated? Hurt? Does she want to do something differently? Is something really important to her? So this last week we had plenty of tantrums but there were also a few triumphs. Like this afternoon while I was napping, Ritchie was playing quietly with her downstairs. She told him she wanted to watch Word World (if you have not seen this show, please watch it. It’s on PBS and I think it’s genius). He suggested that they read a book first, then watch Word World (she understands the “first, then” sequence). So he got out the book and started reading at which point she said “I ratha watch Wor-World.” Oh man. I love that kid. Of course, she got to watch Word World.

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