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If you could listen to Jessica,

you’d hear… “Yook! Yook!” Look! Look! “More Bit” A bit more “Sesme Minute” or “Bike Minute” Can I watch Sesame Street or ride my bike for a few minutes? Or, if I’ve already asked her to come in, she’s trying to negotiate an extension. She usually gets it. “Move Back” Move away. She also uses this when she wants to do something herself. She’ll tell me to move back if she’s afraid I’m going to intervene

“Hug” She’ll just randomly come to me, lift her arms and ask for a big snuggly hug. I love it. “Where Daddy go?” and “Daddy Home! Daddy Home!!” “I yo know” I don’t know “Mote? Muuuuooohhht? Where are you mote??” “Shoes? Shoes?” If I ask her where something is and she’s not sure, she’ll tell me she doesn’t know and then she’ll start calling out for it. It’s so great! “Where Wacky Doll?” She used to call it “little guy” because that’s what we call random stuff around here, but the last few days she’s been calling it wacky doll. Today she had both Wacky Doll and Whoa Whoa in the car on the way to HEB. She had to choose whether Wacky Doll or Whoa Whoa would come inside and Wacky Doll won.

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