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Introductions, part 1

I think I’m out of the running for mother-of-the-year award. My child was introduced to her first solid food yesterday and it was a gummy bear. That’s right, I didn’t give her a taste of my apple or grape, it was my gummy bear. She’s been interested in food for a little over a month now. She sits in her Bumbo chair with us at the table and watches us eat. One day while I was eating an apple she was staring intently, licking her lips. Well yesterday as we sat together in a chair and I popped gummy bears I noticed her eyeing the gummy bears and then my mouth as I chewed them. Every time I reached for another one she’d follow it to my mouth. I couldn’t resist her cute little curiosity so I picked a clear one (I figured they had to be the healthiest) and touched it to her lips. She made a funny face, licked her lips and then stuck her tongue way out. I rubbed the gummy bear on her tongue and she got a big happy smile on her face and then laughed. It was great!

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