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Introductions, part 2

We’ve been busy around here. Here’s a taste of one of our recent adventures together…

Jessica made her first trip to the temple. I spent many enjoyable hours gardening up on the temple grounds and I’ve looked forward to introducing Jess to the flowerbeds. So a few weeks ago we went up and did some weeding in this agapanthus bed. It was fun to be up there with her and she was happy while we were there. We plan to go back again soon!

One of the reasons that we went up was because my friend Tricia, who managed the flower beds for the first 3 years the temple was open, passed away. It was really shocking because she was young and healthy. I’ve had a hard time with it so it was good to go up and remember her in a place where she was so happy and where we shared so many fun hours together. She taught me so much about flowers, design and gardening and I’m so grateful to have known her.

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