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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Although, with Jess around, worst is relative. I mean, how bad can it be if you get to see this even once during the day:

These last few weeks have been filled with quite a few ups and downs. First of all, no one told me that motherhood = detective work. I feel like my problem solving and observation skills have been tested to the max. Don’t get me wrong, the effort has been very worthwhile and I’m sure I’ll get better, I’m just glad our little gal is patient with her novice mother.

Jess had her 2 mo checkup and immunizations. Although she received a clean bill of health I was bracing myself for a rough day or two with the shots. Well, this turned into a rough 10 days by which time I was diagnosing her with all sorts of ailments. In the end, I made a few diet modifications, committed to being more intentional about her sleep habits by removing impediments to successful naps (namely, myself because I hardly put her down) and decided to take life one day at a time and stop reading baby/parenting books. After stringing together several really good days, I think maybe we’re onto a winning strategy. I have come to a better understanding of the guilt that accompanies motherhood (as in the kind you feel when you eat three bites of ice cream on your birthday and then watch your infant writhe in intestinal agony the next day) as well as the joy (as in the kind when your sweet baby is nursing and looks straight into your eyes with her beautiful blue ones and gives you a loving smile that melts your heart). I guess the two go hand in hand and I’ve had my hands full. That’s my explanation for the blogging hiatus, now onto a few pictures-which is probably why you’re here. (I’m going to add a few more blogs over the next few days instead of trying to catch up all at once).

This is one of Jessica’s first library books. I’ve been carting her to the library every week and last week we got her some books too. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. We brought home Yankee Doodle, Cows in the Kitchen, Whistle for Wille and Julius’ Candy Corn. We’ve had a great time reading them to her. I realized that I enjoy reading sing-song type books so those first two were especially fun for me. She’s starting to look at the pages and they hold her interest for a few seconds so that’s fun to see.

We celebrated her 2 month birthday. (I tried to fix the red-eye in this photo but it made her eyes look scary.) I gave her that book about an otter learning to swim because she’s been patient as her little body has learned, a little at a time, to digest things a better this month. She took a 5 hours nap that day. She’s a champ.

She’s almost worn all of her 0-3 dresses now, which is good because I have her in 3-6 mo & even 9 mo clothes now. Do you remember all those clothes on the second bar in her closet? Those really cute brown and purple ones? Well unfortunately the vast majority of those are long sleeve and when it’s 105 degrees, you can’t wear long sleeved clothes. Bummer. The good news is that she’s growing. I’ll figure out something to do with all those clothes…

Cousin Cathy came for a visit but it was just after Jess was handing out these winning smiles. So unfortunately I didn’t get a photo. But Cathy, thanks for the visit!!

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