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October Weekend #2

We spent a quick week(me)/weekend(RJ) in Utah. We enjoyed seeing family and we missed seeing friends but this trip was a full one :). I stayed with G&G one night and got to eat peaches, raspberries, and perfect homemade bread to my heart’s content. After a quick drive south I saw this little one dancin’ her heart out:

I couldn’t give her and her sister enough lovin’. Those girls are so cute~

Heids and I had many adventures just the two of us-a trip up to “the BYU” to meet up with Ash and Tyler and a sleepover at Ash & Nate’s.

We all visited Tyler in his dorm, we went to the Creamery for dessert and I got to watch Steven and Nate play intermurals at 9 pm…it brought back fun memories-those were the days.

One of our more comical moments was observing Ashley’s parking methods when she’s nervous about dinging the fancy car…

Ritchie had a seminar Friday and we got to visit Chris, Heather and the kids that afternoon/evening. We had a fun time playing in their fort, eating pizza and playing statue. (Heather, how did I not get any pictures??)

On Saturday we went to the BYU game which was fun-more from the company than from how the Cougs played. My sisters just buy tickets and then sit wherever they want so we gave it a try since all of us had tickets in different spots. Though I nervously eyed everyone who walked up to section FF, we weren’t bothere the whole time. I was glad we did it :).

After the game and fight through traffic, we stopped in at Nielsen’s for dinner & custard…it was good!

This is what we found the next morning as we spent a fun day with Uncle Mark & Aunt Heidi:

It was pretty great, we got to see fall & winter in one trip.

Finally, on my last night we celebrated with some home-made carmel apples. You’ll notice Ariel there in the background wearing her bathing suit while the rest of us are in jeans and sweatshirts. She’s a kick.

It was a terrific trip-we came home feeling relaxed and grateful for the chance to visit.

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