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October Weekend #3

No, it’s not over yet-we had a long month! As a sidenote, I would do a Halloween post of RJ and myself but I forgot to have someone take our picture the 2 times we wore our costumes. We were Upper & Lower GI. I got 1 set of fatigues and dog tags and Ritchie wore the pants (lower GI) with a tan shirt. I wore khakis, the tops and a hat (upper GI). It was fun and easy.

Ok, after watching our beloved Cougars eek out a victory in Provo we had some doubts about their fire going into the TCU game. Despite that, we made the trek to Dallas and showed up to a game that the Cougs chose not to. It may well be the worst game I’ve ever seen them play and we felt they owed us SOMETHING for our efforts to drive so far to watch them. Luckily we sat with some good friends and enjoyed their company despite the disappointment of the game.

After the game we spent the night with Uncle Chris and Aunt Sally. We stayed up chatting and eating pizza until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. The next morning we saw them off to work and school (the game was on a Thursday) and then RJ and I headed to Houston to celebrate a certain little man’s birthday…

What a sweet little face. We love hanging out with this boy and his “flamingo”-dancin’ family. Super had received a special Spanish dress from Grandma and Grandpa and K and I convinced her it’d be fun to get “in costume” and chat with G&G on the webcam. We got her all decked out and K proceeded to teach her just what a flamenco dancer does…

And that was with a stiff neck. It was pretty sweet…Super thought so too. Let’s see, what else…Had the Dad kicked our trash in Monopoly, we had a fun birthday party, we played outside, Super covered me in stickers, we had some good food, the customary ice cream and a just a great time, as usual…

We also went out to dinner with RJ’s parents just before their proudly displayed their Pontiac at a local car show. It was fun to see some of the cars people had restored. Dad-you would’ve loved it.

Driving home after church on Sunday, we talked about what a great weekend it had been. Our life seems a little boring these days but we sure were grateful for our October adventures!

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