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Oh boy…this girl is 2.

Jess loves dippin’ in Ranch

Me: Jess, what do you think about going potty on the potty?  Jess: No fanks Mom, sorry, maybe nes kime.  (No Thanks mom, maybe next time).  And if I press her with different thoughts about underwear, etc it she gets a little more anxious and hurried in her answer but it’s always the same.

A little pool fun with Aunt Shugee

Jess: I no yike you Mom, go way

She’s creative, that’s for sure.  Don’t mind my bra there….

Jess (as Daddy hands her to me from the top of the peach-picking ladder): Mommy, here a your baby one!  (I always call her my baby one and I made up a song about it.  You know me :))