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Peering into Miracles

I was talking with someone dear to me who has been working towards something that feels divine.  There have been moments when this endeavor has moved slowly and moments when it’s had undeniable momentum.  There have been times when she’s felt frustrated, confused and helpless and there have been moments of clarity and beauty.  All these things have met in swirl of faith as she strains towards something that has the potential to be incredible and yet could also turn out to be heart-wrenching.  What I’ve noticed, and it has a familiar edge for me, is a willingness to invest so much of oneself without the assurance of a certain outcome.   So often,  I find myself willing to pile up loads of effort and sacrifice as long as I can exchange it for something meaningful or important or, at the very least, finished at the end of the day.  But the manifestations of real grace that I’ve been privy to have come when souls have found a synergy with heaven in the process of a struggle, challenge or blessing.  Once that connection becomes the beautiful thing, whatever comes afterwards often feels like a grace-full gift.

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