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The Huxtables

WARNING>>>this is gross. Last week we hosted some boys for youth conference. During “host time” I took them down to the pool where we met some other yc kids staying in our neighborhood. I made a deal with my neighbor that he’d play roughhouse football with the 15 yr olds and I’d keep an eye on his kids. I figured this would be the low key job-relaxing in the kiddie pool. Everything was going swimmingly until it we went back to the big pool and the ever popular fountain. You know, the ones little kids always love to sit on because water shoots up and they think it’s great. Well this time it wasn’t great. All of a sudden, to my horror, there are brown pieces shooting up and splashing back down with the water in the fountain. We’re not talking about one, two or even three, think 7-10. Germ-a-phob that I am, I instantly grab the kid and sprint out of the contaminated water to the bathroom. After picking up another little treasure from the bathroom floor I take her back out to her dad and explain that we have a problem. I’m wanting to sound the alarm and clear the pool until it can be properly detoxed. Instead, the dad moves to where the huxtables have migrated and proceeds to pick them up one by one, store them in his hand and throw them away. UGH!!!! Next time, I’m playing football and swimming my laps at the gym.

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