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The Jackpot

I have a confession…I wasn’t thrilled about going to the Family History Center tonight. I needed to go to the Stake Center for a temple recommend interview and I told myself I should at least stop by the FHC. You see I ordered some microfilm, oh, about 6 months ago and I had yet to view it. I had tried 3-4 times but the center closed early or all the machines were full, etc. But tonight, despite last week’s warning about crowded Tuesday nights, there were no other patrons. I dutifully started scrolling through the 1858-1870 marriage records of Grand Manan Island. I hit pay dirt in 1865 where I found Leonard Urquhart and Angeline Zwicker. I was somewhat disappointed that both parents weren’t listed as the witnesses (because that’s what I was looking for) but I was thrilled to have found their marriage date. I gathered up my stuff and asked the sweet grandma librarian which set of records I should order next. She replied with “Oh, I’m not sure you have to order anything. Let me just see…” The next thing I know she’s zipping around various websites, asking me to spell Urquhart and printing out 4+ generations of family members. The other librarian heard me shouting for joy and when he found out that we were trying to connect a family branch in Scotland, he volunteered to help with the search because he’s an expert on Scotland. Two hours and 11 pages later I leave the family history center with my head spinning…I sure am glad I went over there tonight and I don’t think I was the only one shouting for joy.

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