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The Mega Cab

I finally remembered to take a few photos with Ritchie and his new truck. I’ve only driven it a few times because it’s HUGE but he loves it. He doesn’t understand how it’s that different from the 12 passenger van that I drove in high school but he forgets that I’ve had two small cars since then.

Here are a few other photos…

This is the front bench. It’s a little funny in that the person in the middle would have nowhere to put his/her feet but I guess people don’t sit in that middle seat too often. One thing I really like about this truck is the storage. The backrest for that middle seat folds down and has two different storage compartments. This is a plus for Ritchie since he uses the truck for work. The second row bench also has a storage container behind it where he keeps his plans, etc.

Here’s the dashboard. Nothin’ fancy but it does have a cd player. This is the first car we’ve owned with a cd player.

Now, the back seat is really what sold us on this truck….it puts the Mega in Mega Cab. It feels like an SUV from the backseat. There is quite a bit of leg room and the bench seat even reclines. It’s also a split seat so you can see the third seat folded down. We’re told that with both seats folded down there is ample room for a makeshift bed which would be great on long car rides. Ritchie was all gung-ho to try it last night when our house AC went out. Though I’m sure it would’ve been ok, I was glad we didn’t need to resort to sleeping in our vehicle in the driveway.

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