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The Moments You Won't Forget

Today I'm sharing a gentle acknowledgement that you're doing much better than you think when it comes to living mindfully.

Most parents I talk with have some concern that they're not doing enough or that they don't even understand what mindfulness is. The thing is, if you're a parent, you practice mindfulness all the time.

Mindfulness is when you look into your child's eyes and realize that she's almost your height.

It's when you hug your child and breathe in the scent of his shampoo.

It's the moment time stands still when your toddler stoops down to inspect an ant.

Parenting is full of mindful moments and when you notice them, give yourself a ton of credit for just being present and soaking it all in.

And the next time you read a headline about the benefits of mindfulness, know that parenting is inviting you to poignant mindful moments everyday so your mindfulness practice is strong.

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