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This was a book I happened to be checking out from the library today. I never see anyone I know at the library-ever. But today, with that book on top of my pile, I ran into a gal from my ward. I said “Hi” and she came over to chat for a second. It was too late to do anything about my stack of birthing/breastfeeding books so I just casually put my hand on them in the hopes that they’d go unnoticed (as I feel it’s a rather personal affair even though I hear that soon enough nothing will be personal anymore). No such luck. She asked what books I was getting so I just told her I was doing a little “research.” I imagine my face was pink at this point but I think it turned red when she said “Well, but, you’re not pregnant yet are you?” First of all, who checks out breastfeeding books for fun? Second of all, ask me what it’s like to regale the details of your pregnancy (due date, # weeks, boy or girl) in the computer catalog/internet section of the library to a lady who is somewhat surprised that the 20 pounds you’ve put on in the last 5 months is actually due to a small child. She started telling me about her pregnant daughter and she was excited for us but it was a slightly awkward conversation. I knew I should’ve just ordered the books on Amazon…

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