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The work of childhood

I’ve been thinking about the immense quantities of time that I sink into my 

relationships and how many of my precious minutes find themselves spent building connections with other people, especially the two darlings that live here in my home.   Oftentimes in conversations that tend toward exciting endeavors or recent accomplishments I find myself quietly thinking of the relative simplicity of my days.  At this point in my life, I am quite literally immersed in early childhood.  It is simultaneously grueling and fascinating.  How often does one get such an intimate view of the building of a person?

In my more humble moments, like when we’re shoe shopping and Jessica loudly says to me, “Mom, you can’t make me wear those shoes,” I find myself smiling slightly after I process the blow to my pride.  Yes, this is where I choose to devote almost all of my energy-to my relationship with this child, who sometimes backtalks, frequently whines, complains that I’m inconsistent, doesn’t like my story selections and thinks that I hardly know how to do anything.   Living daily in moments like those, makes it hard to articulate just what it is that I do that is so meaningful and valuable.  But I’m helping to build something.  And it’s gonna be beautiful.

With love,


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