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What do you do when…

your sweet baby insists on sleeping like this:

Actually, that’s just how she starts out. We put the blanket on her at about chest height. Inevitably she pulls it up over her head and then thrashes around to get it down to about this point which is apparently the perfect positioning:

The only problem is that sometimes when she pulls it up she gets stuck underneath it and gets stressed out and starts hyperventilating, presumably because she doesn’t feel like she can get out. At this point I intervene and move the blanket off of her face. But if I try to move the blanket before she’s stressed she just pulls it up over her head again. If I try to position it “perfectly” covering her mouth she pulls it up over her head. If we put the blanket down at her waist she uses her legs to get it up to her hands so she can pull it over her head. I made her a little tiny blanket in the hopes that she’d use that instead. You can see that it didn’t work (it’s the little white thing). I don’t know what to do. Should I be worried about this? I always uncover her mouth after she’s asleep but sometimes I come in later to find the blanket covering it again. Or she’ll do it in the middle of the night and I’ll wake up to her worried breathing (this is one of the reasons I am glad she still sleeps in her bassinet in our room). I don’t want to be paranoid and despite the fact that it’s a light blanket, it is a bit worrisome. Anybody have any ideas?

Incidently, I was contemplating this craziness the other night as I was going to sleep…I realized that I had my blanket pulled up over my mouth to just under my nose. Poor kid.

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