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When a healing crisis occurs....

I recently posted my Hashimoto's story on the website. Honestly, having my Hashimoto's flare in 2014 was what started all that you see here. I spent several years working to put the condition into remission. I once heard Brene Brown say that a midlife crisis is the universe telling you to wake up and use the gifts God gave you. After I had my health back I made a concerted effort to live intentionally, appreciating each breath, each moment with my loved ones and each opportunity to lift and empower others. As a result, I created a yoga and mindfulness coaching business to help others live their best lives also. When I look back at that time I never imagined that all the struggle and heartache would lead me to where I am now. But it did and I'm so grateful. Never underestimate life's invitation to use the gifts God gave you!

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