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When Daddy’s in charge

I’m happy to report that Ritchie’s diapering skills have shown significant improvement. His babysitting abilities may be another matter…

Two Saturday’s ago I decided to go with some friends to BJs for dinner before the Relief Society Broadcast. I intended to watch the broadcast from the house so I’d be gone less than two hours. I fed Jessica and put her down for a nap trusting her to Ritchie’s care. When I got home she gave me a cool look before she reached out to me. When I asked how things had gone, Ritchie immediately apologized.

Lindsay: “Why? What happened?”

Ritchie: “Well, you know how I was reading a book on the floor when you left? Well, the last thought I had was ‘I should go upstairs so I’m sure to hear Jessica when she wakes up’ but then I fell asleep. She woke up and cried for a long time because I didn’t hear her.”

Lindsay: “Oh, no. What time was it? She might’ve just woken up, sometimes she’s loud right off.”

Ritchie: “No, I’m pretty sure she’d been crying for a while because it took her quite some time to calm down afterwards. I felt really bad and I apologized to her.”

Instance 2:

Last Thursday I went to a baby shower at BJs (BJs is less than 5 minutes from our house). I fed Jess before leaving and had intended to be home in about an hour to nurse her and put her to bed. It was around 8 when I got a call from Ritchie telling me I needed to hurry. I got home, feeling bad for taking longer than I had intended and asked how things had gone. He said it had gone ok except for when he’d called me because she’d gotten pretty upset. He thought her tummy hurt (reflux). I started to feel bad, thinking maybe I’d overfed her. Then I started to ask some questions:

Lindsay: “Well was she playing on the floor and rolling around and stuff?”

Ritchie: “Yeah.”

Lindsay: “Oh, well that was probably it, remember I usually try to keep her upright for a least 30 mi-“

Ritchie: “Or it could’ve been when I was swinging her upside down.”

Lindsay: “You what!?!”

Ritchie: “She liked it, she was smiling.”

Lindsay: “Yeah I bet she liked it until she was tasting her dinner again! Ritchie, you CAN’T do that to her!”

After this a short review of gastroesophageal reflux ensued….are you kidding me?

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