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You for President

As those of us in the US navigated this voting season we partnered with people and principles that resonated with us.  Each of us considered the challenges and opportunities we faced and listened to the ideas presented that might assist us in living our lives with more integrity, compassion and purpose.  Throughout the year I’ve contemplated what the world would be like if we each took up our causes and spent a little of our time and energy each day working towards them.  Not just thinking, talking or posting about them but creating experiences that initiate changes we’d like to see.  I have experienced the meaningful joy that comes from this kind of action and I know it’s possible to act now.   Perhaps we could each take the full spectrum of our election energy, from relief to despair, and instead of counting on a handful of people to change the trajectory of our country and our lives, we could carry the bedrock banner of individual goodness and choose to be the change we want to see and then watch that change ripple through our own lives, the lives of our family and friends, our communities and the world.

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