I can’t say enough good about this course! It literally changed my life when I was ready to make changes. I am motivated to take care of myself and continue to improve and try new things. The knowledge and compassion I found from the class was what I needed.



Calmer, Happier Kids

Our kids experience stress like never before.  Without the right tools we can feel helpless watching our kids struggle under huge burdens of stress.  I teach your child to use mindfulness and growth mindset to build confidence and feelings of calm.


I have a boys and girls group.  Each group meets 2x a month via zoom online conferencing. 

See below for enrollment survey and winter schedule.


Here's what parents have to say:

Before working with Lindsay my son had a hard time looking people in the eyes and engaging in conversation. Had feelings of anxiety and depression. Was withdrawn and often hit and yelled at his brother. Was not confident in himself and was failing most of his classes.

After working with Lindsay he seems happier. His grades are all A’s and B’s. He has tools to help him feel and process his emotions. He is able to communicate his needs more effectively. Has a healthy relationship with his brother.


I’m so glad I have my son working with Lindsay because she is kind, patient and wise. She mirrors his body language and words and he has come to trust her. She has taught him ways to empowered himself. She never makes him feel stupid. She is extremely genuine. She has given him evidence that he can trust people in his life. She is intuitive and flexible and always has his best interest in mind."  -Lisa

"The kids know she cares because she listens to them and has such an effective way of communicating with them.  She has expertise in helping kids empower themselves.  I have seen her in action as a teacher, counselor, problem-solver and manager and it is always done in a fun, positive and caring way.  Lindsay's professional qualities of intelligence, dependability, flexibility and team work cannot be overstated.  She is always well-prepared.  She has the ability to adapt as needed to the kids different ability levels and learning styles." -Travis

I knew my child needed something to help her with excessive worry but I wasn't sure I wanted to take her to therapy.  She loves the group atmosphere of Lindsay's mindfulness class and now she asks when her next mindfulness meeting is! -Allison


At first my daughter fought me about doing mindfulness but I knew she needed it.  I made her a deal that she could skip one day of piano practice for every mindfulness class she attended.  Now she looks forward to it.  I can always tell when she's had mindfulness class too.  She's more positive and calm.  The other day after the call she walked around the house playing mellow music! -Irene


I can tell my child is connecting with you and I can see a difference after just 2 sessions. -Ann


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