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There are 3 ways to work with me...

Mindfulness Club

Group coaching for kids ages 7-14. We meet weekly via zoom for 40 minutes to build emotional intelligence in fun and effective ways. $350/mo includes weekly call, monthly mindfulness mail and weekly parent updates.

Individual Mindfulness Coaching for kids ages 5-18

Weekly 30 minute coaching calls using my highly effective, research-based Stress Nanny methodology where we weave emotional intelligence into your child's everyday life. With individual sessions we can talk more specifically about your child's needs. $550/mo includes individual weekly mindfulness mail, weekly zoom calls and weekly parent updates.

Call the Stress Nanny!

Individual Coaching session for grownups. 60 minute call where we can apply mindfulness to your life to help you show up more fully for yourself and your kids or we can troubleshoot a specific issue you're seeing in your home and I'll share practical tips and resources to help you work through it. $175

What parents are saying...

"My friend and I agreed that you can never be done coaching our kids. We love all the things you're teaching them. Thank you!!"


- Adrianne, mom of 3 kids (ages 9-13) in coaching

Thank you so much for all of your time, energy, care and generosity with Claire. We appreciate it more than I can express here. Claire has truly appreciated it too. I know the time you've shared with her will carry on far into the future and my husband and I both feel so good knowing that.

-Deb, mom of a high school senior in coaching

You are gem! Truly thankful for you being in our girls (and our!) lives!!

-Natalie, mom of 2 kids in coaching

Lindsay does a masterful job of teaching emotional intelligence.

-Tricia, mom of  elementary-aged girl in Mindfulness Club

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