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Hi, I'm Lindsay!  It's nice to meet you.

I'm known for my talent show suitcase tricks and my infectious laugh. 

When I'm not playing catch with my daughter or rollerblading on local trails with my husband, you can find me using my 20+ years of child development study and my mindfulness certification to dream up new ways to get kids excited about mindfulness.

Having navigated my teenage and early adult years without mindfulness, I am passionate about helping this generation of kids learn to manage emotions, work with feelings of anxiety and learn how to express their needs.

While counseling used to be the only way to support kids mental health, mindfulness is emerging as a viable option for parents who want to help their kids manage stress and thrive in our modern world.  I'm proud to be a leader in this emerging field because I think mindfulness empowers kids in a way that nothing else does.

There is nothing I love more than talking about kids and mindfulness (well, maybe soccer), so I'd love to chat with you about how I can help you make this super simple and effective tool part of your family. 

If working with me is part of that plan, I welcome it.  I get to work with the coolest families.  If you just need a few ideas, I'm happy to share anything I know!