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Welcome to
The Stress Nanny Community!

I'm so glad you're here! Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief, you've found the help you've been looking for. The Stress Nanny has custom-tailored solutions to support your children as they learn to manage stress and regulate their emotions.

Grab your freebies and get ready for a supported journey to a more peaceful home and a more balanced mind.

Download your
Free Breathing Chart

Simply taking a few minutes to breath deeply each day is a game-changer for our nervous systems. By offering your child a chart, you help them prioritize this practice. Come up with a fun activity to do together when the chart is full.

Watch my
5 Minute Mindfulness Masterclass

Join my FREE 5 Minute Mindfulness Masterclass to understand and implement simple mindfulness tools that will bring more calm to your family.

Get your
Podcast Doodling Guide

I share tips and tools on my podcast to help you practice emotional intelligence in your home. By interviewing cutting edge practitioners, I provide you with the resources you need to weave mindfulness into your daily life. Click here for my fun listening guide to help you take notes in a fun way and apply what you learn on the pod.

Download the
Mindfulness At Any Age Framework

One of the things I do best is help you understand what mindfulness and emotional regulation activities are developmentally appropriate for your child. Teaching things at the right time is crucial for success. This guide gives you a framework for teaching mindfulness at home.

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