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Mindfulness for Athletes

Highly competitive environments add stress for kids in unique ways. Teaching kids mindfulness as a part of their sports training helps them develop resilience to stress that will serve them throughout their lives.


My approach is to teach kids mindfulness when they're young to help them avoid much of the pressure and stress from sports that can accompany them into adulthood if left unaddressed. Many parents tell me they wish they'd had mindfulness when they were young because it would've helped them avoid a lot of heartache and trauma from sports. Among other things, mindfulness can help kids develop confidence and support them to develop strong minds, healthy body image, and more tools for dealing with stress and anxiety.

In a world where so many kids are struggling with mental health on a daily basis, mindfulness can give kids the resources they need to meet their goals in sports and in life.

If your child could benefit from regular mindfulness coaching in a group setting which includes topics like applying mindfulness to sports, school and home, my weekly Mindfulness Club might be the best fit for your family.

Let's talk!

Curious about how mindfulness might be able to help your child athlete or your team? Submit the form below and let's chat.

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