Helping you with the life's most stressful moments.


Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I can help you through life's most stressful moments.

I founded to help people like you make it through your hardest moments.  Life is full of experiences that are challenging to cope with and for every stress we face there are consequences for our physical and emotional health.  Oftentimes we want to handle problems on our own but that leads to burnout and overwhelm.  I know because I've been there.  Through years of infertility, autoimmune disease, overwork and loss, I took my physical and emotional health to the breaking point.

I spent seven years and thousands of dollars changing my life to learn how to navigate the hard stuff.

I learned that simple self-care and intentional habits can go a long way to lessen the impact of stress on the body and mind.  I also learned that it's much easier to learn those habits from someone else than it is to figure them out on your own.

That's why each week on my podcast, blog, newsletter, social media, online courses, and coaching calls I use my life experience, research, and numerous certifications to teach children and adults easy and practical tools for navigating stressful times. 



Taking a mindful approach to stress allows us to incorporate habits that support emotional and physical health.

Mindful Wellness Membership

Weekly class with guidance, inspiration & support

Stress resilience tips

Habits and playful mindfulness activities to help families navigate stressful experiences.


People who undergo multiple stressful events in one year have a higher incidence of illness than those who don't. 


Self-care and healthy habits are crucial if you are experiencing highly stressful events.

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I wasn't sure how my 10 year old daughter would respond to mindfulness lessons.  She can be set in her ways but I knew she would benefit from them.  At first she was hesitant.  I told her she could skip a day of piano practice if she tried it.  She loves it now.  After one lesson she walked around the house playing calm music for all of us!


Before working with Lindsay my 13 year old son had a hard time looking people in the eyes and engaging in conversation. Had feelings of anxiety and depression. Was withdrawn and often hit and yelled at his brother. Was not confident in himself and was failing most of his classes.


After working with Lindsay he seems happier. His grades are all A’s and B’s. He has tools to help him feel and process his emotions. He is able to communicate his needs more effectively. Has a healthy relationship with his brother.  She has taught him to empower himself.


Our 9 year old daughter used the breathing chart after Lindsay taught her about being a mindfulness superhero.  After filling the chart she came out and said "I like doing the breathing to get prizes but I also like that it helps me fall asleep without being scared."

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