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I help kids go from frazzled to flourishing.
(I know that sounds like a lofty promise but really, that's what I do)
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Sometimes you just need a bit of extra help.

We are all under epic amounts of stress and kids are really struggling. They're struggling with worry, loneliness and sadness. Often they are having emotional meltdowns, scary thoughts and near constant anxiety.


I teach children resilience and foundational stress management tools so they can grow into confident and emotionally intelligent adults.

One of my favorite tools to teach is mindfulness because it is very effective for helping kids turn stress into success.


People often think children are too young to understand mindfulness - but they aren't, and they need it! They just need to be taught in ways that make sense to them.


Mindfulness reduces emotional outbursts, builds self-awareness and lowers stress.

I'm here to help.

As your go-to Kids Mindfulness Coach, I bring a clear vision and loads of empathy, providing fun and innovative solutions that look easy but are actually on the cutting edge of your child's current understanding. Bringing research-informed, age appropriate support, my goal is to team up with you to help your child move through worry, anger and stress more easily which will improve your family life. I want you and your child to feel seen, safe, understood and empowered every step of the way!

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How does one work with a Stress Nanny?

First of all, I think we all need a Stress Nanny :). Here's how it works:

1. You fill out a brief questionnaire to help both of us get clarity about what's going on with your kid and how the behavior is impacting your family life.

2. We chat via zoom or phone, I ask you some more questions and I listen. Then we define success together because while I have the knowledge and experience to combat stress, no one knows your kid better than you.

3. I offer suggestions.  I am a kids mindfulness coach so I would love to teach your child mindfulness but if it's not in your budget I totally get it. I always tell parents if paying for coaching is more stressful than the stress your child is facing then let's get creative. I have plenty of free and low-cost resources to share with you and I can also point you to resources that may be available in your community. If coaching is something you're interested in and it's in your budget, we decide if individual or group coaching would best serve your child. This is a no-pressure phone call.

4. If coaching is for you I send your child's first mindfulness mail and we begin convenient weekly sessions via zoom.

  • If your child is between the ages of 7-14 and is: overwhelmed by worry, struggling to make friends, isolated, lonely, has a hard time managing anger or is being bullied, I will probably suggest joining my Mindfulness Club. It's a weekly 40 minute zoom call with amazing kids who are looking to build friendships and learn mindfulness skills. Each month I send four mindfulness activities in the mail and we do the activity together on the zoom call while we chat, catch up, and learn other skills.

  • If your child is older than 15 or younger than 7 or if the Mindfulness Club time doesn't match your needs/ schedule, I will probably suggest individual coaching. I'll send a weekly mindfulness activity and we'll do that activity together, tailoring it to your child's life and your family's needs.

5. Immediately you start to feel better because you're not alone in handling this anymore. You feel supported by me and you know that the messages you're sending to your kid are being regularly reinforced by me. Most of the families I work with are really intentional and doing all the right things at home, they just need someone other than the parent to be teaching the child who is struggling.

6. You get your first weekly email from me. Each week after our calls (whether group or individual) I send an email to you. Transparent teamwork is one of my values. You and I are on the same team here and you can count on me to send weekly emails and connect with you about your child's progress. I'm available for updates from you via text, email or phone throughout your child's time in coaching.

7. Your child looks forward to the weekly mail and connection and we continue from there.

8. You notice within a few weeks that your child is not having emotional meltdowns quite as often. You notice within a few months that your child is able to manage emotion with more skill. You notice within 6 months that your child has a whole new skillset and is able to deal with stress, anxiety and anger. You start to see more confidence, more connection, and more success. You know you made the right choice by asking for extra help because these skills will last for a lifetime.

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Mindfulness Coaching is for your child if...

You're a working parent and you are building an intentional "village" of support.


You're busy and you're out of ideas for how to deal with your child's meltdowns.

You've tried to teach this stuff and you don't feel like it's sinking in.

You want to help your kids learn how to cope with stress.

You want to enjoy the time you spend with your kids without constant worry about them.

You find yourself yelling because you don't know what else to do.

Parenting is hard.  Especially right now.  I want to team up with you to make your life easier.

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I teach families mindfulness and I know that...

Your kids will learn mindfulness best in playful ways.

Your kids will benefit from learning with a group and having peer support.

It's a lot easier to learn mindfulness from someone who lives it everyday.

You will feel a unique level of support that will benefit your child and your family.


Mom of 6


I wasn't sure how my 10 year old daughter would respond to mindfulness lessons.  She can be set in her ways but I knew she would benefit from them.  At first she was hesitant.  I told her she could skip a day of piano practice if she tried it.  She loves it now.  After one lesson she walked around the house playing calm music for all of us!

Mom of 2


Before working with Lindsay my 13 year old son had a hard time looking people in the eyes and engaging in conversation. Had feelings of anxiety and depression. Was withdrawn and often hit and yelled at his brother. Was not confident in himself and was failing most of his classes.


After working with Lindsay he seems happier. His grades are all A’s and B’s. He has tools to help him feel and process his emotions. He is able to communicate his needs more effectively. Has a healthy relationship with his brother.  She has taught him to empower himself.

Mom of 3


We are so grateful for you and we agreed you can never be done coaching our kids.

Do you want to know more?

I'm here to help. 

I can support you with free resources like my podcast

Maybe you're interested taking a workshop with me to learn more about what mindfulness is and how it can improve family relationships.

Or maybe you want to see if mindfulness coaching is a good fit for your child to help with meltdowns and stress.

Whatever your needs are, I'm here to help. 

The best place to start is with the questionnaire or you can chat with me here on the website or via DM over on my Instagram feed. I would love to meet you and explore how mindfulness can help your child turn stress into success.

Click below to fill out the questionnaire. I won't try to sell you anything you don't want.  I will listen and give you resources that will lower your stress levels.


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