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An Unconventional Shopping Trip

So I went shopping at Marshall’s the other day, looking for a white button-up shirt (because of the multiplicity of meetings that I now attend at church). When I go to Marshall’s I either find NOTHING or quite a few things. This time I made 3 trips to the dressing room (for a total of 20 items) and came home with 6 of them. As I showed them to RJ later that night I realized that of the 3 shirts, 1 skirt and two pairs of shoes that I bought, 3 things were brown, 2 were white and one was black. We both laughed as we realized how frequently I purchase and wear things that are brown or tan. In all honesty, I think brown may be my favorite color…I usually wear something brown everyday. Is that drab? What color shows up most in your wardrobe?

As for being unconventional…check out these shoes…when I saw them I thought that they were way cute but I didn’t think that they were a practical purchase. I decided to buy them and now that I have them home I realize they’ll go with more than I thought. Sometimes it’s fun to be unconventional…anybody bought anything impractical lately?

And yes Carrie, I took these with the new camera RJ got me this month :).

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