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The Sun is Still Shining Even When it Rains

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Earlier today Jessica and I were on our way back from a weekend in San Antonio. It was a smooth flight with the sun streaming through our little window and illuminating the beautiful landscape below. As we neared Salt Lake City the captain informed us that the current weather was cloudy, rainy and 44 degrees. We made our descent through the clouds and the sunny blue sky began to disappear as darker and darker grey enshrouded us. Eventually rain began to pelt this windows, the plane began to bounce a bit and the temperature drop became more noticeable. It occurred to me that in the midst of thick clouds it can be hard to remember that the sun still shines. And even though we can’t see it in its full strength, the light is shining brightly.

The moral for life is one I was glad to remember. Don’t mistake a bit of cloud cover for total darkness. Hang on. There’s still light out there. And it will shine on you again.

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