Mindfulness for Adults & Kids


Need support to meet your wellness goals?

Not sure where to start?

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

Noticing stress in your most important relationships?

I'd love to help! 


Join my Mindful Wellness Course and learn how to cope with life and not be so hard on yourself.


Want to help your child manage strong emotions?


Struggling to adapt to a new routine at home during quarantine?

Trying to figure out how to get your high energy kid to focus and concentrate?

Feeling overwhelmed yourself?

I can help! Mindfulness can help your child focus, learn to manage strong emotions and build resilience. These skills are especially important during times of uncertainty.

Contact me about Kids Mindfulness Coaching!

Want to see a sample video?  Click below:

Want to have a free conversation to see if either course would help you?


For Kids:

I can tell my 7 year old son is connecting with you after just two sessions!


For Adults:

I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and you are in the top 1-2% of coaches out there.


For Kids:

My 10 year old daughter gets nervous about not being able to fall asleep and she uses mindfulness to help her relax at night.