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12 Days-I can’t believe it.

I know this post is overdue and for that I apologize. The first few days I had Jess all to myself and I just enjoyed holding her and marveling at what a miracle she is. The next few days we had company and then this week I’ve been trying to recover. Despite the fact that her birth went so well, I’ve had a bit of a rough time adjusting to not being pregnant…who’d a thought? So I’m sorry for not updating sooner but between sleep loss, healing stitches and overwhelming emotions I’ve been doing good just to take care of sweet little Jess and try to get some rest.

First off, her little birth was such a blessing. The main reason we decided to do the Bradley method was so that Ritchie could be more involved…I loved reading his blog and I’m grateful that we accomplished our goal. Her birth and delivery were awesome and I felt really good afterwards. I HATED being in the hospital so I was very happy to come home. I’m not used to “taking it easy” but I’ve realized this body is going to need some time to recover. I’m so grateful my mom is here to help us out. (The picture below looks the most like her of all of them :))

Like I said, last week I spent a lot of time just holding this sweet little girl and thanking my lucky stars for her. I feel like I have a whole new perspective on life and it’s been interesting, and at times overwhelming, to consider the past and future through the prism of parenthood. I’m so grateful for the experience.

I can’t believe how fast this beautiful gal has grown. In almost two weeks she’s bulked up a bit (see the cute little chin roll?) and she’s given us some clues to her personality. When I was carrying her I told people I thought she was a mellow lady because she rarely kept me up at night and she never made me really uncomfortable. I’m happy to say that so far that little notion has proven true. She’s an angel of a girl. She’s a good sleeper, a good eater and a good pooper which has made the transition easier for all of us. She’s been really patient with me as we’ve figured out breastfeeding and she’s a champ at cuddling. We just love this cute little thing!

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