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3 Things to Remember about Mindful Communication

One of the most frequent question I get is "What is mindfulness?" I wrote about this a few months ago but sometimes it can be helpful to see specific applications to understand the benefits. Here are three things to remember about mindful communication:

1. So much of mindful communication is creating space. When we can create space for conversations to happen, we allow emotions and needs to be expressed without getting defensive. This can be challenging regardless of who you're talking to but with some effort you can do it!

2. Taking a few mindful moments in the morning to breathe deeply right after you wake up can help you connect with a sense of calm so that you can return to calm with a quick, deep breath later in the day. No matter who you're communicating with, the practice of taking a deep breath can add clarity and patience to any conversation.

3. A mindful moment in communication would look like listening carefully, reflecting back what you heard and then asking questions. There's no arguing about who is right and who is wrong, it's more of a neutral exchange where emotions are processed skillfully, needs are met and everyone's experience is validated.

Mindfulness is powerful in a variety of situations. I find it especially powerful in relationships where we take a mindful approach to communication. Bring these tips to mind the next time you're communicating and notice how your experience changes.


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