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6 Month Highlights

A Fun 6 Month Birthday Party. I think the flowers were her favorite present.

Moving on to Jessica’s 6 Month Highlights… Oct-Nov 2009 (nevermind the fact that she’s now 8 1/2 months old…I’ll eventually catch up)

*A Fun visit with Lydi, Heidi and Kara, Sisters & Babies, A Big Blue-Eyed Baby, Loving Grandpa’s Peaches

*The night we discovered her first tooth (she’s playing with that pink teether), Playing in Mama’s sewing room (she loves ribbons).

*Tuckered out after the Trunk-or-Treat, Meeting Cousin Ethan, Her first pumpkin (she got to choose between that little smooth one and one with ridges)

*First taste of Halloween (a candy necklace), Trick-or-Treating with Cousins, Driving the Firetruck at the Fire Station Open House

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