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I’ve been using the garage for well over a year now and every time I pull in I marvel at the fact that I haven’t hit the freezer-until today. I’ve told RJ I need one of those tennis ball things that hit your windshield when you’ve pulled in far enough but he simple responds with “just pull in 8 inches past the weedwhacker.” Well, 8 inches from what, the front of my window, the back? The steering wheel? My head? But wait-am I slouching forward? So I usually just creep slowly forward and hope for the best. Sometimes I have to restart the car and pull forward a little more because the garage door can’t close but I’m ALWAYS conscious of the freezer-until today. I wasn’t on the phone, I wasn’t singing along to the radio but all of the sudden-thud. And I didn’t just nudge it. When RJ saw the damage he asked why I was “barreling” into the garage. I don’t know. I dented the freezer but not the car so that was good news and I thought that was the extent of the damage

But when I went out later I realized that I had jammed the hinge of the freezer a good 1.5 inches into the drywall creating this pleasing effect:

Dang. It’s taken me 365 careful days of driving to keep my garage and freezer in pristine condition and only one to wreck it. Now when I drive into the garage I want to kick myself. At least I’m married to a guy who can drywall.

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