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And the Green Thumb Belongs to….

RJ. Since this guy has taken over the gardening responsibilities in our house (approx 4 months ago) we’ve had 5 tomato harvests like this:

The Idaho farmer in him identified the point at which the bugs do the most damage and he simply brings the tomatoes in to finish ripening before the bugs can eat them up. These were picked on Saturday and they’re ready to can today. If you add up the three seasons I’ve grown tomatoes (2 springs, 1 fall) I’ve probably gotten half of what he’s gotten just this fall. It’s pretty much amazing. So now my job is just to can them which works out nicely because I need the practice and my friend Emily (aka the Blog Fairy-see sidebar right) has graciously lent me her pressure canner for the last month. The best part was I didn’t even have to ask-he just noticed the tomatoes needed to be planted and they’ve been his ever since. It’s nice when that happens. So give us a call if you want some tomatoes…

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