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Bianca or Bessie?

So I think Ritchie may have the sweetest job in all of San Antonio. Last month his bosses decided to buy a company boat. Yes, that’s right, a boat, paid for and insured by the company, available for use by all employees. Well, for those of you who know Ritchie, you know he was ecstatic about this. I was pretty excited myself. We had wanted to take it out on it’s maiden voyage over Memorial Day weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate. However, the sun has been beckoning to us over the last few weeks and we’ve had some fun on the lake-twice. Now you may be thinking that we’re the company boat hogs, using it during 2 of the 3 weeks it’s been in operation but NO ONE ELSE WANTED TO TAKE IT OUT. I can’t really fathom this especially after the 2 fabulous Saturdays we’ve spent out on Canyon Lake. However, we won’t argue, we’ll just keep on skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and tubing. Not to mention darkening our sweet tans. Access to a boat has also heightened our popularity among our peer group…Lisa-maybe you could try boating at your next party :). Anyway, after our last foray we decided to bring the aforementioned boat home for a little TLC. We went to work…I busted out my Magic eraser and went at the scuff marks on the hull, we dug the grime out of crevices and containers, and buffed the windshield until it was crystal clear (I should’ve taken a picture). We noticed immediate improvement and decided it was time to christen this new beauty with a new name. In addition to Bessie and Bianca I like Blair and Belinda. Any other ideas??

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