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Change and Heaven

I believe that all true things originate from the same Place.  If these ideas about change are true, then it would follow that Deity has an understanding of them that far exceeds my own.  If the Savior has a thorough, working knowledge of human nature, which I believe He does especially given His condescension, I would imagine that His work would reflect these principles as He helps us effect spiritual change.  Since all I have is my own understanding to work with, we’ll have to go from there.  In light of that, I’d like to consider these ideas one more time, from the perspective of Heaven and our souls…

1. Free spirits don’t usually change because someone tells them to, they change because they they want to.   In terms of interactions with Heaven, relationships evolve and grow and necessarily entail change but often souls are more willing to change to preserve/strengthen relationships with the Savior rather than to fulfill an edict.

2. Souls are more inclined to change when they feel valued, have resources accessible to them and are given the space and time to choose a course of action.

3.  Lasting change occurs when spirits internalize principles they learn by experimenting with the resources they’ve invested themselves in.

4.  The process of genuine spiritual change can be agonizingly, excruciatingly, and beautifully slow.

What do you think?  Does this ring true to you?  If so, does it change the way you think the Savior views you?

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