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Here have been a few of the things we’ve been talking about at our house lately:

We swapped cars with our friends last week because they needed our truck for girls camp.  We drove their Jeep for a week, but according to Jessica, we drove their GPS for a week.  As we were driving around the neighborhood looking for our stolen trashcan Jess asked me “Mom, can I drive the GPS?”  “No J, you’re not old enough to drive yet.”  But “Mom, I’m big. I’m a big girl (only the sweet way she says it sounds like “geal”).” “I know baby but you’ve still got a grow a bit so your feet can reach the pedals.”  Then a few days later “Mom, am I big enough to drive yet?” This could be a long 13 years.

“Mom, I think I lost a tooth!” “What!?” “See, right here (inserting her tongue through a gap in her teeth), I lost a tooth!” “No J, you still have all your teeth.  Your teeth fall out when your big ones are ready to grow in and those big ones aren’t quite ready yet.” “Oh.” (Disheartened) A few days later…”Mom look, now did I loose a tooth?” Repeat every few days.

While cutting vegetables for lunch at the island… “Mom, I miss Jesus.” Pausing to be sure I just heard what I think I heard, “You do?  I miss him too.” “Yeah, I wish he could come to our house.” “That would be cool wouldn’t it?  When he comes again I hope he comes to our house.  That would be awesome.  What would you do if he came to our house?” “I would hug him, I really miss Him.” “I bet he would love that.  I think he misses you too….” Then we proceeded to have a conversation about how to feel close to Jesus even when he’s not here. I’m kind of floored by the stuff she comes up with and the way she connects things.